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vanityinvain's Journal

celebrated and arose for your vanity in vain
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this is a sewing/design community for people interested in experimental/diy fashion.

there are a LOT of sewing communities, so if this one doesn't quite suit your style please keep looking! i'm hoping to find more people with a certain aesthetic and congruous sense of fashion.

please, no raver/cybergoth/goth/corset/rennfaire posts.

the theme of this community is current high fashion, avant garde designers, DIY 80s new wave style, mod/indie fashion, innovative fashion, DIY clothing and wearable art.

make sense? yeesssss. if you like most of the stuff on the interest list, you'll be on topic. let that be your guide.

share ideas, show off, ask sewing/construction questions, plan fashion shows, trade clothes, ramble about fashion, whatever.

no copycats. anything posted in this community is the property of its designer unless they say "hey, use my idea!" no leeches! making something for yourself is one thing, copying someones idea and selling is it not cool. i'm not kidding. i will find you and beat up your mom.

ebay ads are fine, please limit it to one per batch of auctions, and please only link to the auctions that are your handmade items. using the cut tag is also recommended if you have a long list of items.

in an attempt to keep this community on topic because the last one (brandnewdrag) went to shit so quickly, please email me to be added to the community. if you have pictures of your work, please include it in the email. everyone is welcome, from people who make a living designing to those who just do it as a hobby or because clothes are too expensive. feel free to tell your friends about it if you think they'd like it. just PLEASE DEAR MARY MOTHER OF GOD KEEP IT ON TOPIC!

thanks and enjoy. ♥, ohmeohmy

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