petronella danforth (mylaar) wrote in vanityinvain,
petronella danforth

alexander mcqueen question.

i'm trying to find out the name, or any other information about the woman in the centerpiece of alexander mcqueen's spring 2001 show.

at the time, i remember seeing an article about her and her work (i think she's some kind of performance artist) in a european magazine, but it was expensive so i didn't buy it, and then forgot the whole thing completely until now. ooops.

here's a link to an image, in which she's naked, in case you're reading this from work. i wish i could find better (closer) images, but no luck so far.

descriptive text from "fashion wire daily" - (

At the end of the show, the glass walls of the padded cell were slashed open, releasing hundreds of giant, brightly-colored butterflies into the atmosphere, while a plump nude artist/model smoking a hookah reclined in Alice and Wonderland or Aubrey Beardsley-like splendor.

McQueen said the show was inspired by a photographic image by Joel Peter Witkin.

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